A listserv asked about flipped classrooms in AP US Government. That got me thinking about easy flipped classrooms using C-SPAN and other easily available streaming sites. Maybe one of these will work for you:

Students watch a Mann/Ornstein book talk or panel on “It’s Even Worse than it Looks” and then class discussion the next day: Is it “even worse than it looks”? What is the evidence that Republicans are now less moderate than Democrats. Why do the authors lay so much blame on Newt Gingrich? What are some “bromides” that they don’t think will work? What are some ideas they think might help?

Assign a clipped Committee hearing with Darrell Issa and another clip of a hearing with Diane Feinstein….Discuss. What exactly is oversight? Is it being abused?

Supreme Court Oral Argument—Maybe assign four or five different ones have students come in and compare. (http://www.supremecourt.gov/oral_arguments/argument_audio.aspx.)
the following day students have their own moot court the next day on a current case before the court.
Or have students study a current case on the establishment clause using this great website: http://www.oyez.org/town-of-greece/

And/Or have everyone listen to the Citizen’s United case, then listen to someone (Ornstein,for example) arguing that it was wrongly argued– have students discuss. Or have students listen to other people argue about the implications of the case.

Have students watch a substantial clip of Question Time, and a clip of Congress in Session, and in class have them compare and analyze.

Cut a Clip from the State of the Union, 2014. Have students evaluate the effectiveness of what POTUS has to say, as well as the reasons for the President’s move toward Executive orders.

Have students investigate OpenSecrets.com and generally look at the Center for Responsive Politics Website. Discuss money in government and politics at present.